Caterpillars Classroom

For our Caterpillars Classroom, communication is key and sometimes difficult with speech emerging at this age. So is learning how to share. Language becomes a focus in this class as we read out loud, teach the children how to pick up and manage their personal space while learning to make safe choices in play centers. Three step directions are practiced. Denver Child Care Academy's curriculum at this age starts with the fine motor skills associated with using utensils, pulling up and down pants and cutting with scissors. Toilet training is a focus of this classroom as children read books about using the potty and learning to recognize cues for when it is time to use the potty. Art is a staple in the class- fun messy art, play dough, self-expression art and many fun hand/foot keepsake art for parents. Sign language is also utilized in this classroom along with frequent communications between faculty and the children in the classroom to help our older toddlers develop receptive and expressive language skills.

Our vision is providing our children with a prepared environment that provides the opportunity for physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our aim is to stimulate the child’s development in:


  • A more positive self-image
  • Expressing himself / herself creatively
  • Responsibility and learning to make safe choices
  • Sharing and compatibility
  • Self-Reliance

All of our play equipment and work material is carefully selected for its value in attaining these goals. Our program is flexible, allowing children a wide choice of activities. A good balance of quiet and active play, both in and outdoors, is encouraged. Children are always around equipment and toys that are safe and practical for their age.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to give quality care and guidance to young children by supplementing the home environment and providing children with an atmosphere that is rich in meaningful learning experiences during the early, formative years. All children will be treated with respect and at no time will be subject to physically or verbally demeaning punishment. We will provide a creative and warm environment which will include: arts, crafts, music, sensory activities, academics, stories, emotional regulation and manners, indoor/ outdoor play, quiet times, and nap times.

Enrichment Programs


Our excellent curriculum allows our students to learn different forms of communications such as Sign Language, Spanish, and English.

Guided Imagery

We use guided imagery to make bedtime and Naptime Fun! Through guided imagery, we let the Dream Fairy transport your children on a whimsical journey to gently fall asleep – feeling loved, safe, and protected. Great for naptime at preschool or home! Scientific studies reveal that up to 30 percent of children have trouble with sleep.

• Other research demonstrates how Guided Imagery can help children to relax and settle down for rest and relaxation.

• Piloted program showed that Sleepy Time Dreams increases rest and relaxation during nap time and helps teachers because children fall asleep more easily. We also offer "Stress Buster" for teachers and parents for their own relaxation. By Investing in these restful programs produced by a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner, our teachers are more relaxed focused and centered. Happy teachers make for happy children.


We provide yoga lessons to children ages 2 – 5. In these classes, they gain the ability to focus, develop self-control, better flexibility, improved coordination and higher self-esteem. Our Tiny Tots and Jr. Pre classes (2-3 years of age) last 15 minutes, and our 4-5 year old classes for yoga are 30 minutes.